Thinker, musician, designer, writer, & all-around creative-extraordinaire.


Left Brain

Currently bi-lingual (bordering on tri), I am fascinated with languages focusing my studies on linguistics.

The majority of my professional life has been spent organizing small business finance and coordinating various projects.

My energy has been labeled infectious on more than one occasion. With an optimistic and completely genuine attitude, I enjoy helping others understand anything can be accomplished.


All this & more in my résumé.

Right Brain

My dream is to live in a world that doesn't need reminded of it's origins. A world that recognizes we are all from the same star.

Obsessively self-expressive, I have authored stories, composed music, and designed clothing for as long as I can recall.

I remain inspired by graciousness, eccentricity and continue to celebrate femininity and exceptionality.


Evidence of this is abundant in my blog.



Ambush Me

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